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The first item in your business plan should be toname your restaurant with a catchy and memorable namelike the ones on this list of name suggestions.

As an entrepreneur planning to open a new restaurant, you know that great names and cool logos whet your customer’s appetites for your delicious dishes, craft beer, and coffee drinks – even before they arrive at your restaurant!

List of Restaurant Name Ideas

  1. Names by Restaurant Type
  2. Restaurant Logo Examples for Inspiration
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Any of these names can be modified by adding words such as these: restaurant, cafeteria, bar, diner, coffee shop, dining room, inn, joint, place, eatery, drive-in, grill, hideaway, lunchroom,pizzeria, cafe’, luncheonette, and nightclub.

Ways to Customize the names from this list of ideas to make it your own:Add Your Name

NAME + Cafe, + Kitchen, + Place

Add Descriptive Adjectives

Absolutely — Delicious — Dine — Divine — The Golden Spoon — Decadent — Desire

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Names By Cuisine & Food

Italian & Pizza

La Dolce VitaLittle ItalyOlivewood Grill

Here’s an inspiration forcatchy pizza restaurant namesGet more hundreds of more name ideas on thisbig list of Italian restaurant names


Juan in a MillionBurrito BellyLa Mesa (the table)
El Toro (the bull)Mucho (too much)La Taberna (the tavern)
La Olla (the pan)DeliciosoSabroso (tasty)

Here are moreMexican restaurant name ideasAlso, get inspiration for naming your Spanish restaurant

Check out my list of the most profitable food business ideas for those considering starting a food business.

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French Restaurant Names

Are you considering opening a French restaurant – fancy fine dining or casual cafe bistro? Think about using some commonly understood French words in your restaurant name, such as these naming ideas:

French Quarter CafeLe Fromage BistroEscargots Brasserie
BearnaiseFrench Dip CafeCul de Sac Bistro
Baguette CafeCrepe SavantDijonaise Restaurant
Dished ParisDivine French Dining

Want more French cuisine names? Check out thisbig list of French restaurant name ideas here

French bakers be sure to check out my list of thesebeautiful French bakery name ideas


Catching Fresh EverydayCrabby Dick (change to your name)Clam Chop (fish and steak)
City of FishCrab and PrawnPrawnscape

Check out this big list ofseafood restaurant name ideasLooking for Sushi restaurant ideas check out thislist of Japanese Restaurant Names

Chicken, Meat & Steak

Mutton ChopsCentral PorkEatmore Fried Chicken
Mad for Chicken (or Crazy for Chicken)Belly and Snout (good for BBQ)Meat U There
MeatatarianBeef BlackoutBeef Storm
Bob MuttonCarver’s CutFriendly Fire (for grills or BBQ)
Mad BeefGeekChickenIron Bone
One for the Road Hog (BBQ)onFire BBQPork Digest

Big list ofBarbeque restaurant name ideas(plus proven tips for creating cool BBQ names)


Spice HouseNin Com SoupWok This Way
Curry FavorSpice Mystery

Get moreIndian restaurant name ideas here


Beyond the EggrollThe Sumptuous BanquetThe Feast of Lu
The Peanut & the Prawn

Click for moreChinese restaurant name ideas

Japanese & Sushi Name Ideas

Atomic SushiEmperor’s SushiHouse of Bamboo
Sushi JunkiesLove SushiSamurai Sushi
Ramen & RiceMiso HungryEdamame
AhiThe Noodle Exchange

Get more naming inspiration andJapanese restaurant name ideas on my list here

Healthy – Vegetarian, Vegan & Salads

Lettuce EatBanana CabanaBudda Bite
Call it GreenCelery DreamsCelestial Pudding
Caio BuddhaCool TofuDandelion Greens
Earth’s SaladFigure LeanFoodBowl
Freakin’ Planet EatsMuscle BarNaked Lunch
Nanna BananaOrganic CannibalPower Potato
Radiant Earth

Check out my list of the most profitable food business ideas for those considering starting a food business.

Morename ideas for healthy restaurants

Names by Restaurant Type

Coffee Houses & Tea Rooms

LofthouseLattetudeThe Cup
Brewed AwakeningCommon GroundsLove You a Latte
Bean Around the World CoffeeChai Tea ShopGet Baked (also good for a bakery)
Coffee NutLatte DaClub Coffee
Cup O’ JoeUncommon GroundsDream Bean Coffee Shop
Grinders CafeMugs CoffeeThe Friendly Bean
Atomic CoffeeBrewed AttitudeCoffee King
Coffee PatchCoffee ZoneDoctor Coffee
Retro Coffee

Bakery Name Ideas – That are Available! Not Taken!

Are you opening a new bakery and need cute bakery name ideas? Well then, check out mybig list of hundreds of catchy bakery namescomplete with inspiring logo examples to name your baking business.

Get inspired by thisultimate list of memorable bakery namesthat is filled with hundreds of creative, cute, unique, edgy, funny, and cute bakehouse name ideas!

Now selecting a good bakery company name is a piece of cake! Sweet!

Examples of great bakery names

Tart Bakery
You’re Sweet As Pie
Sugar Lips
Honeybuns Bakery
Flourishes Custom Cakes
Pound Your Dough
Sugary Sweet Bakery
Hazelnut Bakery
Spiraling Caramel Dessert Shop
Biscuit’s Corner Homestyle Baked Goods

Cafe and Bistros

Comfort FoodThe Dinner TableTwo Men (or Women) and a Griddle
Dinner PlateA Food AffairThe Eatery
BellyfulCafe TeriaThe Supper Club
Al FrescoPass the ThymeSunshine Diner
A Taste of Heaven DinerDine Right DinerOver Easy Diner
Famous LunchThe Crispy BiscuitGood Eats Diner
No Wait DinerGrab N’Stuff DinerBacon Bros. Diner
The Great Breakfast DinerBreak the FastThe Sizzling Grill
Butter and GraceDream CafeElectric Waffle
Hungry HeadBite Me SandwichMunch Box
Lox Stock & BagelAward WeinersPita Pan
Burger GloryBagel BrainJelly Roll Deli

Diners & Breakfast

Sunshine DinerA Taste of Heaven DinerDine Right Diner
Downtown DinerOver Eas DinerFamous Lunch
The Crispy BiscuitGood Eats DinerNo Wait Diner
Grub N’Stuff DinerBacon Bros. DinerThe Great Breakfast Diner
Break the FastThe Sizzling GrillButter and Grace
Dream CafeElectric WaffleHungry Head

Food Trucks and Mobile Food Carts

Starting a rolling restaurant? A food truck or cuisine cart? You want a name that is memorable and will get customers lining up.

Below are a few food truck naming suggestions – read mybig list of food truck name ideas here

Bacon BuggyAnywhere EatsDrive and Dine
Diner Driver

Sandwich, Burgers, and Deli

Bite Me SandwichMunch BoxLox Stock & Bagel
Award WeinersPita PanBurger Glory
Bagel BrainJelly Roll Deli

Check out thislist of hundreds of creative bar names

Winery and co*cktail Bars, Pubs & Breweries

MixersNeonPlanet of the Grapes
American WineryChops and HopsBluez
Royal LushLeprechaun’s TableBlarney Stone Cafe (bar)
Limerick BuffetLuck of the Irish CafeShamrock Inn

Find name suggestions onthis list of catchy bar names

505 Catchy Restaurant Name Ideas List: by Cuisine | ZenBusiness Inc. (2)

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Restaurant Logo Examples for Inspiration

Modern Look with a retro feel using an old neon road sign image for Mad Eats, American Diner

Logo design of BBQ restaurant called Smokin Swine. Circle, badge type design with a funny pig. Both the company name and the fun vibe make me want to eat at this place!

Check out thislist of clever BBQ name ideas

Two Bucks Brewing picked this design as the winner of their logo contest. It works well in both green or white. I like the strong graphic lines and stylized hops, the main ingredient in beer, incorporated into the design.

This name and logo communicate clearly what I can expect at this restaurant – a natural, fresh and sweet dish. The colors are pretty and will print beautifully on t-shirts and aprons. Even though it is a colorful logo the design is so strong that it will also work in black and white.

7 Steps to a Great New Logo for Your Restaurant

The logo, or the pictorial image that conveys the title of the restaurant, will be a part of your brand and so a significant identifier for your clients. Though your tastes and preferences will inevitably become involved, you also should adhere to some fundamentals of superior logo design to choose the one which will indeed set your restaurant apart from the competition.

Step 1 – Simple is GoodSelect a logo that’s easy, with few complicated or intricate specifics. It needs to be simple to discern with just a quick glance. A symbol that contains three colors is on the point of becoming too active; a logo that includes no more than two colors is better.

Step 2 – Big is BeautifulMake sure that your simple emblem may be resized — created larger and more prominent — and still seem attractive. Additionally, it should seem impressive in color or black and white. Bear in mind that your logo will look in various sizes and color formats, based on where it is used, such as on hints, your menu, your site and other promotional materials.

Step 3 – Conveys Your Restaurant MoodSelect a symbol that matches the idea of your restaurant. It should communicate a relationship, even in a subtle manner. By way of instance, a casual family restaurant ought to have a symbol with a casual look and texture while an elegant restaurant ought to have a much more upscale, sophisticated logo.

Step 4 – Test of TimePrevent trendy emblem designs or the ones that might unwittingly date your company. The top logos endure the test of time.

Step 5 – Expand Your VisionWiden your perspective, recalling that lots of small business logos don’t portray what the company sells or does. Most automobile manufacturers don’t have logos that represent vehicles; a few exact well-known computer business logos don’t represent notebooks or notepads. Similarly, your restaurant logo doesn’t need to depict spices, food, utensils or other pictures which are all about restaurants.

Step 6 – Free Stock Logos Look & Taste BadReject a symbol that seems cheap, comprises clip art or which looks like additional well-known emblem designs. Your logo needs to be as distinctive and impressive as your restaurant.

Step 7 – Get Customer InputConsult trustworthy friends and colleagues on your logo, but do not expect to achieve a consensus. Some logo designers prefer to state that “anybody can be a critic” of the job because everybody has two eyes and may consequently render an impression. Follow audio logo-design selection fundamentals, but hope your great instincts, also.

Logo Design Checklist

When you are considering possible designs of logos, ask these questions to make sure that your new design is right for your company and passes this logo use test. If you answer, “no” to even one question – just start again and pick a different winner from your logo contest submission ideas

  1. Does the logo communicate your company store?
  2. Is it unique and trademark free, meaning you can trademark the design as your new logo?
  3. Does it work well in a very large size, for a building sign, and also very small for a business card?
  4. Does it work well in one color? Sometimes you will only be given one color choice
  5. Can it be embroidered on a piece of fabric – such as a cap, hat, bag or apron?
  6. Does it look good in digital media on your website and in social media channels? It must be able to fit into a square and sometimes a wide rectangle. Can it the name stacked and still read well.
  7. Does it pop out and get customer attention when used in an ad?

Wondering if your new restaurant should be an LLC business entity structure?
Learn the facts of why your restaurant should be an LLC in my article

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505 Catchy Restaurant Name Ideas List: by Cuisine | ZenBusiness Inc. (2024)


505 Catchy Restaurant Name Ideas List: by Cuisine | ZenBusiness Inc.? ›

Popular variations on the classic small restaurant include: Diner. Bistro. Cafe. Gastropub.

What should I name my food business? ›

These names will make your food business even more appealing to your customers.
  • Tempting Table.
  • Scrumptious Selections.
  • Heavenly Bites.
  • Flavor Feast.
  • Delectable Delights.
  • Tasteful Table.
  • Ambrosial Acres.
  • The Yum Yum Spot.
Jul 3, 2023

What is a very small restaurant called? ›

Popular variations on the classic small restaurant include: Diner. Bistro. Cafe. Gastropub.

What is one word for restaurant owner? ›

A restaurateur is a person who opens and runs restaurants professionally. Although over time the term has come to describe any person who owns a restaurant, traditionally it refers to a highly skilled professional who is proficient in all aspects of the restaurant business.

Do I quote restaurant names? ›

Here's the explanation: Restaurants and brand names don't usually take underlines or italics. We may go to Wendy's for a hamburger or Le Papillon for an elegant French meal, but all we do is capitalize the name of the restaurant. Similarly, if we buy a Subaru or a Volkswagen, we don't italicize the name.

What is a healthy restaurant name? ›

Healthy Restaurant Name Ideas
ChillazenChopsy – Chopped Salads and MoreDeep Munch
Natural LifestyleNew Life RestaurantOasis Green
Organic OnlyOrganiTastesPalm Lunch
Plants R UsPot 2 PlatePro Grilla
Salad PubSeed and Sprout DiningSocialEats
10 more rows

What do you call a really fancy restaurant? ›

Fine dining is a restaurant experience that is typically more sophisticated, unique, and expensive than one would find in the average restaurant. Industry analysis, trends and opportunities for fine dining restaurants.

What's another word for fancy restaurant? ›

A gourmet restaurant or a fine dining establishment are both terms that can be used to describe a fancy restaurant.

What are some restaurant slogans? ›

Creative Restaurant Slogans
  • Where every flavor tells a story.
  • For the love of delicious food.
  • Sensory indulgence unlocked.
  • Your culinary adventure awaits.
  • Low cost. High quality.
  • We are always here to serve you.
  • Life is short, make it sweet.
  • A taste you'll remember.

What's another name for a high end restaurant? ›

What is another word for upscale dining?
haute cuisinenouvelle cuisine
epicureanismfine food
gourmet food


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