'It has made a significant difference' rave fans of teeth whitening kits on sale (2024)

We all want whiter teeth, but most of us don't want to shell out on pricey whitening options.

But fear not, MySweetSmile has just announced a Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale, where shoppers can mix & match on Powder, Strips, Pen & Serum and get the cheapest item free.


And the best bit? You'll even get a complimentary upgrade to Free Next-Day Delivery.

I had braces for four years, and despite giving up sweets and frizzy drinks whilst I had them on, I've been left with some staining on my teeth.

So, I'm always looking for quick and easy ways to whiten my teeth and have trialled hundreds of whitening products over the years, but I keep coming back to MySweetSmile.

The reason is simple - their products are effective and easy to use, and with a happy customer base of over 250,000, I'm not alone, it seems.

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MySweetSmile Dentist-Approved Teeth Whitening Powder


MySweetSmile Dentist-Approved Teeth Whitening Powder, £24.99

Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale

I first started using the Dentist-Approved Teeth Whitening Powder for an extra whitening boost, alongside using whitening toothpaste.

With a finely milled, powder-like texture, you simply dip your brush into the pot and brush your teeth as usual.

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The powder lathers into a fine foam, which isn't worlds away from your typical toothpaste.

Whilst I found the powder messy at first - it's easy to scatter it across your sink if you're not too careful - wetting your brush first, then dipping it in the powder mitigates this issue.

I didn't see results straight away, but I gradually saw my teeth becoming whiter and brighter after a couple of weeks.


The powder also acts as a good 'factory reset' if you've indulged in curry or multiple cups of coffee.

Shoppers couldn't agree more, too, with one saying "Only used twice. Already noticed a massive difference," while another adds "Made my old teeth look amazing I shall be ordering again."

Works really fast. I have tried a lot of different one's. But this one is the best

MySweetSmile customer

And whilst some shoppers have been sceptical - after experiencing few results from similar products - many have been impressed with MySweetSmile's results.

One shopper says "My teeth have never looked so clean and the stains are going slowly," while another adds "Works really fast. I have tried a lot of different one's. But this one is the best."

MySweetSmile PAP Teeth Whitening Strips


MySweetSmile PAP Teeth Whitening Strips, £11.99

If you've got a little more time on your hands, reach for these whitening strips - which minimise yellow stains in just 30 minutes.

The strips can be used daily on a 10-day course, or whenever you need a bit of a top-up - meaning they're great for date nights, weddings and interviews.

Unlike other alternatives, they're free of peroxides, meaning they won't damage enamel or cause sensitivity.

They're also individually packed, which makes taking them on the go a breeze.

This makes them perfect for saving your smile mid-holiday if you've overindulged in alcohol or rich foods.


MySweetSmile PAP Teeth Whitening Strips are perfect for smokers and coffee and tea drinkers alike, and shoppers can't help but rave about their results.

One says "I really could see a difference in whiteness," adding "I have now bought the powder as well to hopefully maintain the results".

The strips are suitable for those with veneers, bonding and bridges, and won't cause gum or mouth irritation.

They're fast-acting and can lift even the toughest stains, with one shopper saying "As a smoker and tea lover I have never seen my teeth look this good."

MySweetSmile Precision Teeth Whitening Pen


Precision Teeth Whitening Pen, £19.99

Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale

Whitening products can be messy, time-consuming and ineffective - unless you reach for a whitening pen.

In a few clicks, this paintbrush-style pen delivers a lightweight gel, which can be painted onto your teeth.

I've found MySweetSmile's pen especially effective, as I can use it to specifically target areas of staining, which have been left after years of braces.

Whilst I didn't experience instant results, this pen is easy to use and is transportable - meaning you're much more likely to stick at it.

I keep my whitening pen in my handbag, and apply it up to three times a week - usually after a cup of coffee!

It has made a significant difference in the whiteness of my teeth

MySweetSmile fan

Shoppers love how easy MySweetSmile Precision Teeth Whitening Pen is too, with one saying "Application is simple and it goes on in seconds."

Another says "It has made a significant difference in the whiteness of my teeth," adding, "This economical product has done as good a job as any of the over-priced and uncomfortable whitening processes I have used in the past."

MySweetSmile nHA+ Enamel Care Serum


MySweetSmile nHA+ Enamel Care Serum, £24.99

Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale

If the thought of biting into ice cream or slurping hot tea is enough to give you the shivers, then you might be suffering from tooth sensitivity.

It's thought that over 10% of us experience sensitivity, which can take the enjoyment out of certain foods and drinks.

Fortunately, MySweetSmile's nHA+ Enamel Care Serum has been formulated with sensitive teeth in mind and gets to work on repairing enamel and tackling discomfort.

The formula features the hero ingredient nano-hydroxyapatite (nHA), which helps repair tooth enamel - the common culprit behind tooth sensitivity.


Alongside reducing sensitivity, the clinically proven formula also minimises tooth decay by reducing plaque buildup.

Many shoppers have reported noticeable results, with one saying "I can promise you after the first use my teeth felt stronger and slightly less sensitive."

Does its job and tastes fab too

MySweetSmile customer

While another adds "No more sensitive teeth for me".


'It has made a significant difference' rave fans of teeth whitening kits on sale (15)
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'It has made a significant difference' rave fans of teeth whitening kits on sale (16)
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Despite its effective formula, the serum isn't unpleasant to use, which has surprised and delighted shoppers.

One says "Does its job and tastes fab too", adding, "Nice sweet minty taste which leaves you looking forward to using it in the evening."

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'It has made a significant difference' rave fans of teeth whitening kits on sale (2024)


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